Double or Nothing

Sometimes you just have to put everything on the line!

If you’ve ever dreamed of doubling your winnings or recouping your losses in a matter of seconds, you’re going to love ACR Poker’s Double or Nothing feature! When you leave a cash game table or are eliminated from a tournament after having cashed, you can instantly bet what you’ve won or lost!

Assume you’ve won $500 in a $2/$4 cash game and are ready to leave the table. As you get up, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to double your earnings by playing the Double or Nothing game.

Conversely, if you’ve lost during your cash game session, you’ll have the choice of wagering what you’ve lost for a chance to win it back (provided you have the necessary funds in your account).

The Double or Nothing game uses a conventional 52-card deck with two jokers. You must guess whether the randomly selected card will be a black or red card. If you guess correctly, you will double your money. You lose if you guess the wrong color or land a joker.

You will be offered the choice to “Opt-out” of the Double or Nothing game when it appears. If you don’t like the feature, you can turn it off and never see it again.

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