The ACR Reshuffle

A New Era of Fair Play

Our ACR Poker Reshuffle is an exciting innovation designed to level the playing field for all poker players. We’ve adopted this feature so far for PLO 4 (NEW as of December 2023!) and PLO 5 games, marking an important milestone in our commitment to fair and challenging play.

Pictured above: How the ACR Reshuffle is displayed on the back of the cards.

Feature Functionality

The Reshuffle feature comes into play when a player folds. Their cards are swiftly reshuffled back into the deck.

This means that the next player only gets to see their hole cards when their turn arrives. Please note that due to the workings of this feature, pre-action buttons (e.g., “fold”, “call”, “raise”) will be disabled for games using the ACR Poker Reshuffle feature.

Optically, it will appear as if all players have been dealt their cards simultaneously just like all other games, but in fact players will be dealt their cards one player at a time starting with UTG +1.  The next player will be dealt his cards only after the first player has made a preflop decision. 

Pictured above: How the ACR Reshuffle is displayed in the lobby.


To find tables offering the ACR Poker Reshuffle feature, all players must look for the unique lock symbol. This indicator will also be visible on the game listings within the ACR poker client, signaling the presence of this pioneering anti-collusion system.

Exampled above:  As you can see by the clip above, the player was dealt the King of diamonds preflop, and then that card appeared later in the hand on the flop.  This is because all cards are automatically reshuffled in the deck after the player folds preflop.

Reason for Implementation

The unfair practice of players sharing their folded cards via direct or third-party messaging can skew the nature of the game. To stamp out this form of cheating, we’ve developed the Reshuffle feature. It effectively makes cheating impossible by delaying the reveal of a player’s hole cards and reshuffling folded cards back into the deck.

Main Points

  • Enhanced Security: The ACR Poker Reshuffle is the latest addition to our lineup of security enhancements.
  • Collaborative Effort: The inception of this feature marks a successful collaboration between ACR Poker and GTO Wizard, the leading poker training software.
  • Continuous Improvement: ACR Poker is dedicated to promoting a safe and fair gaming environment. The success of the Reshuffle feature in our PLO 4 and PLO 5 games paves the way for future implementation in other games.


The ACR Poker Reshuffle isn’t just a feature — it embodies our commitment to the integrity and spirit of fair play. By embracing collaborative endeavors and keeping an eye on future innovations, we continue to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and competitive gaming experience for all our players.

Join us for a game of PLO 4 and PLO 5 and experience the watershed moment in the evolution of online poker — the ACR Poker Reshuffle!

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