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Understanding starting hand requirements in PLO Hi-Lo

Understanding starting hand requirements in PLO Hi-Lo

As a key feature of the game, the starting hand selection will help set the pace of the table

In Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo (PLO Hi-Lo), starting hand selection is a crucial aspect of the game as it lays the foundation for your overall strategy. Unlike other poker variants, PLO Hi-Lo requires players to form both high and low hands simultaneously, making the starting hand requirements more complex.

When considering starting hand requirements in PLO Hi-Lo, it is important to understand that the ideal starting hands are those that have strong potential for both the high and low components of the pot. This means that starting hands with good connectivity, suitedness, and the ability to scoop both the high and low pots are highly desirable.

Starting hands that are double suited (having two different flush possibilities) or single suited (having one flush possibility) are generally considered better than non-suited hands, as they provide more avenues for scooping the pot.

Furthermore, hands with good card connectivity, such as having cards close in rank, are also favored. This allows for the possibility of making both straight and low hands, giving players more ways to win the pot.

However, it is important to note that starting hands that are too loosely connected or not balanced between high and low potentials can be easily dominated by stronger hands. For example, starting with A-A-K-K might seem strong at first glance, but it lacks the potential for a low hand and can be easily beaten by opponents with both high and low combinations.

In PLO Hi-Lo, starting hands with A-2 or A-3 combinations are highly sought after, as they give players the best chance to make a low hand. However, simply having these combinations isn’t enough; the strength of the other two cards must also be taken into account.

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