The Cage Live

Experience the thrill of the Cage Live, a unique event that combines the intensity of a nosebleed stakes cash game with the structure of a tournament format, happening multiple times a year in the exotic locale of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Qualify online through our Sunday Beast and Sit & Crush tournaments, with 20 packages guaranteed, or try your luck in our freerolls and $11 Super Satellites. Each package includes entry to the event, travel, and accommodation, ensuring you’re fully immersed in the action from start to finish.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this unique poker adventure in sunny Costa Rica. Check our promo page for more details on how to qualify.

Dates: April 3rd-6th

The Cage Live returned last summer to San Jose, Costa Rica after a hiatus, and it was such a success, we’re making it a permanent fixture among our many exotic getaways.

This cash game in a time-based tournament format takes place from Wednesday, April 3rd through Saturday, April 6th. It starts with a fantastic player dinner on Tuesday, April 2nd where you’ll get to meet and hobnob with many of our staff, as well as some ACR Pros.

Win your $8,700 package online and compete in this multi-day event where the cash game action increases as the blinds rise to nosebleed stakes!

*** Cage Live packages are non-transferable and must be used by the satellite winner for the April 2024 event.

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How to Qualify

Online Satellites​

  • 20 packages GTD ($8,700 value each) via the Sunday Beast and Sit & Crush tourney: That’s $174,000 in total packages awarded.

  • Earn your seat for free by placing on one of our weekly leaderboards. Players can also qualify via freerolls and $11 Super Satellites.

    • Sunday, March 3rd at 6:05pm ET (10 packages GTD) – $95 buy-in
    • Sunday, March 10th at 6:05pm ET (10 packages GTD) – $95 buy-in

  • Each $8,700 package includes:

    • One Entry ($5,250 value) to a Day 1 of the Cage Live
    • $800 for airfare and $1,000 spending money put directly in your account
    • $400 for cash games given to you in Costa Rica
    • Double occupancy stay for 5-nights (April 2nd-7th) at the Sheraton Hotel in San Jose.
    • Airport Transportation
    • Free breakfast

Live Event Satellites​

(in Costa Rica)​

This takes place on Wednesday and Thursday and players can win an additional buy-in for the following Day 1.

  • Daily Starting Time: 8:00pm
  • Starting Chip Stack: 5,000
  • Buy-in: $400+40
  • Blind levels: 12-minute blinds
  • 2-hour late reg

How the Cage Works:

  • Players buy in directly for $5,250 and receive 5,000 in chips.
  • Blinds increase throughout the event, just like in a tournament.
  • Only one entry is allowed during each Day 1.
  • Players may play multiple Day 1 flights and combine their stack for Day 2.  All players who earn chips on Day 1 are forced to play on Day 2.
  • It’s a time-based tournament, so at the end of Day 2, players cash in their chips, and every chip is worth cash value (e.g., if you have 25,000 in chips, you’re taking home $25,000).
  • You can’t cash out until Day 2 is over (That’s why we call it The Cage).


Day 1 Breakdown

Wednesday – Friday

  • Buy-in $5,250 ($250 Reg fee), 5,000 in chips

  • Three 3-hour levels

    • Starting Time: 11:00am (no late registration)
    • Level 1: $15/30. 15 min. breaks between times
    • 11am-12:30pm 
    • 12:45pm-2:15pm
    • Level 2: $25/50. 15 min. breaks between times
    • 2:30pm-4:00pm 
    • 4:15pm-5:45pm 
    • Level 3: $40/80. 15 min. breaks between times
    • 6:00pm-7:30pm 
    • 7:45pm-9:15pm 
    • Finish Time: 9:15pm

Day 2 Breakdown


  • Three 3-hour levels

    • Starting Time: 11:00am (no late registration)
    • Level 1: $50/100. 15 min. breaks between times
    • 11am-12:30pm
    • 12:45pm-2:15pm
    • Level 2: $75/150. 15 min. breaks between times
    • 2:30pm-4:00pm 
    • 4:15pm-5:45pm  
    • Level 3: $100/200. 15 min. breaks between times
    • 6:00pm-7:30pm 
    • 7:45pm-9:15pm 
    • Finish Time: 9:15pm

Second Chance


  • Starting Time: 1:00pm
  • Starting Chip Stack: 10,000
  • Buy-in: $600+60
  • Mystery Bounty
  • Blind levels: 12-minute blinds
  • 3-hour late reg

Cage Live Results

After a 3.5-year hiatus that began with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cage Live finally returned to Costa Rica in August 2023.

36 ACR Poker players won their way to San Jose and joined notable participants such as our CEO Phil Nagy and ACR Pros, Ana Marquez, Jose ‘Nacho’ Barbero, Chris Moneymaker, Jeff Boski and Rob Kuhn, as well as ACR Ambassadors, Rene and Casey Nezhoda.

This time, the Cage featured three Day 1 options and 50 players had enough stamina to earn a spot in Day 2. When it was all said and done, 30 players survived The Cage Live, with the average payout being $22,000.

Here’s the top nine

1. Elliot Peterman$54,985
2. Christian Roberts$41,820
3. Zenny Petrous$38,565
4. Bruce Peery$36,795
5. Joseph Antar$31,985
6. Phil Nagy$30,420
7. Dan Stavilla$30,115
8. Ana Marquez$27,285
9. Randall Hernandez$26,925

Troy Quenneville was the big winner in what ended up being the only Cage Live event of 2020.  He walked away with an impressive $41,330 haul. 

Here are the 7 players who cashed

1.     Troy Quenneville $41,330
2.     Thomas Cannuli $23,685
3.     Ryan Depaulo $20,905
4.     Edson Mario Perez $8,495
5.     Michael Loncar $7,175
6.     Joe Williams $5,755
7.     Andrew Milonakis $2,655

16 players survived long enough to compete in Day 2 in the final Cage Live of 2019, which was held at the Taormina Casino & Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Melad Marji was the big winner, walking away with $35,755.

Here are the top ten winners in this Pot Limit Omaha event

1.     Melad Marji $35,755
2.     Michael Fosco$22,050
3.     Josh Borders$13,560
4.     Rene Nezhoda$13,150
5.     Mitesh Anjaria$13,010
6.     Kevin Napadow $10,950
7.     Dan Kent$10,490
8.     Priestley Leng$9,090
9.     Scott Ball $9,085
10.  Jiri Jarey$7,860

The last Cage Live event of 2018 featured 30 players, with 19 of them still alive on Day 2.  In the end, 12 players won money in this Pot Limit Omaha cash game, which used a time-based tournament format.  Nick Boll was not only the winner with $50,485, but he won the most cash of any Cage Live participant so far.  What’s more, that record stood until 2023.

These are all the winners

1.     Nick Boll $50,485
2.     Jeff Boski $30,260
3.     Corey Kennel $28,245
4.     Leif Force $20,460
5.     Joe Williams $19,310
6.     Phil Nagy $17,020
7.     Jeff Gross $15,610
8.     Svetlana Gromenkova $9,665
9.     Jenia Sigal $5,450
10.  Lewis Murray $3,695
11.  Tomas Kvapil $2,865
12.  Dan Stavila $1,935
1. Thomas Cannuli $30,745
2. Alexander Popp $17,410
3. Voitech Cervink $15,440
4. Jeff Gross $13,525
5. Farjad Sinael $13,455
6. James Harvey $13,000
7. Christopher Oliver $12,450
8. Juan Pastor $12,405
9. Aaron Mermelstein $9,985
10. Eric Greenberg $8,940
11. Joe Williams $8,575
12. Andy McComb $7,995
13. Ofir Schmuel $7,820
14. Brandon Merrill $6,725
15. Ronny Coto $6,205
16. James Ladeira $5,755
17. German Beckford $4,650
18. Aleksandar Tojcic $2,890
19. Kevin McCormack $2,030
1.     Dan Stavila $42,115
2.     Phuc Ly $18,420
3.     Alex Brenes $14,640
4.     Anthony Diotte $14,025
5.     Phil Nagy $12,950
6.     Dan Kent $12,265
7.     Joe Williams $11,720
8.     Humberto Brenes $9,665
9.     Jason Howe $7,415
10.  Troy Quenneville $7,125
11.  Vitalie Stavila $6,785
12.  Juan Pasto $4,370
13.  Elliot Peterman $3,505
1.     Christopher Roberts$21,825
2.     Charles Horrocks$18,890
3.     Jeff Gross$15,435
4.     Dan Stavila$13,100
5.     Tyler Sumrall$11,460
6.     Samuel Horrocks$9,850
7.     Alex Brenes$9,820
8.     Phil Nagy$9,490
9.     Owen Gaines$7,665
10.  Juan Martin Pastor$7,325
11.  Jose David Sanchez$5,425
12.  Aleksandar Tojcic$5,350
13.  Semen Virovlyanskiy$4,365
1.     Stanley Lee$19,875
2.     Hugo Barboza$13,810
3.     Diego Montezuma$13,065
4.     Phil Nagy$10,785
5.     Alex Brenes$9,640
6.     Joe Williams$9,430
7.     Brandon Merril$8,830
8.     Jose Sanchez$7,045
9.     Farhad Sinari$6,415
10.  Nick Niegarth$6,105

Terms and Conditions

  • There is no late registration at the Cage Live in Costa Rica.
  • Cage Live packages hold no cash value.
  • March 3rd and 10th Satellite winners who win their package must use it for the April 2024 Cage Live event. If players do not attend this Cage Live, the package will be forfeited.
  • All cash winnings won by players at the Cage Live in Costa Rica will be transferred to the WPN player account of the winner.
  • Winners are responsible for booking their own flight to and from San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • To help coordinate airport transportation, the itinerary must be provided to organizers by March 18th via email:
  • Players who win multiple packages online will only receive the spending money for 1 package at a time. The spending money will be allotted during each of the separate visits to Costa Rica.
  • Players are responsible for any additional expenses incurred.
  • The Cage Live is a Big Blind Ante format.
  • The Cage Live will have a shot clock & players will all have Time Bank buttons.
  • All decisions made by the Tournament Director for Cage Live events are final.

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