It’s Time To Tame The Beast!

Introducing The Beast, the world’s first progressive points race!

This is a weekly rake race for cash game players that runs from Saturday until Friday.

Every cash table automatically competes in The Beast. And the best part is the promotion is paid out of our pocket as the reward comes directly from the rake.

There have been tens of millions of dollars paid out lifetime in the Beast.

The Beast is hungry, and so are you. Compete every week and get your share of the huge rewards!

Renew The Challenge, Every Week.

The Beast is the world’s first progressive points race and it has redefined player rewards.

ACR Poker is not taking any extra fees for this promotion. This one is on us!

How It Works

  • Every cash table competes in The Beast, so you automatically qualify.
  • This promotion is covered by ACR Poker because it’s coming from the rake.
  • Points are calculated based on stake levels, not whether you win or lose.
  • You earn a single point for every $0.02 fed by you to The Beast using the Weighted Contributed Rake methodology. (Check the Earning Points tab)
  • Every week you have a chance to win huge prizes. Tens of millions paid out lifetime.
  • The weekly race runs from Saturday at 00:00 ET until the following Friday at 23:59 ET.
  • Prizes are paid out every Monday.

The goal is simple — play poker every week, then rank on the leaderboard and compete to win your share of not just cold hard cash, but also tournament tickets to allow you to win even more! Tournaments will be played on the Sunday following your cash prize payout.

How To Keep Tab On Your Progress

Half the excitement of the hunt is the chase, so make sure to track your progress regularly by signing in and clicking on Rewards in the poker client lobby and then The Beast. You can view your points as well as your tournament entry prizes, including start dates and guaranteed prize pool information. Rankings are updated regularly so check back often!

Ready to tame the beast? It’s time to join the hunt – exclusively on ACR Poker!

Earning Points

Here at ACR Poker, we make earning points easy. Simply sit at a cash table and contribute to the rake of a hand, and you’ll automatically start earning points toward The Beast leaderboard. From there, you will continue to earn one point for every $0.02 in rake. Keep playing to run up your score.

How It Works

Let’s take a common scenario from a 9-handed cash-game table. Everyone folds except for four players (1, 2, 3, 4), each paying $1 to see a flop.

Player 1 goes all-in on the flop for another $50. Players 2 folds. Player 3 folds. Player 4 calls the $50. The pot is now worth $104.

A total of $3 rake gets taken from the pot once it’s played through. ($2.76 as net rake and $0.24 to The Beast).

Although there were more players when the hand started, only four contributed to the rake and those players receive points toward The Beast leaderboard. The more rake that you contribute, the more points you earn:

Player 1 is awarded 5.25 Points
Player 2 is awarded 0.75 Points
Player 3 is awarded 0.75 Points
Player 4 is awarded 5.25 Points

The Beast Feeds On Rake:

Forget about jackpot fees. ACR Poker covers weekly prize pools for The Beast. Instead of extra fees, we take a piece of the rake and add it to our cash and tournament leaderboard prize pools. Here’s how we feed The Beast at no extra cost to you:


Weekly Cash Race

The mission is simple: earn points and climb up the Beast leaderboard to compete for huge prizes. The more you earn, the higher you’ll soar up the leaderboard.

Weekly Cash races take place every 7 days starting on Saturday at 00:00 ET and ending on Friday at 23:59 ET. This means each week, you have a chance to win cash and tournament prizes. And don’t forget – as the prize pools grow, so do the number of players who get paid!

Payout Tiers For The Beast:

  • Tier 1: $500
    Tier 2: $250
    Tier 3: $125
    Tier 4: $50

For every $3,500 in a cash prize pool, we add the following:

  • One Tier 1
  • Two of Tier 2
  • Five of Tier 3
  • Twenty of Tier 4
  • Reseed the next race with $875

    Residual funds (between increments of $3,500) are applied to the top places in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4. Respective cap amounts will be maintained.

Weekly Tournament Race

The Beast is hungry, but so are you… That’s why our weekly races award seats into satellite tournaments for major events like the Venom, Vegas Main Event, and more. And just like our cash races, the bigger the prize pools get, the more players that are awarded seats!

Weekly race winners will play their satellite tournament two Sundays after their weekly race finishes. You will be automatically registered and you can check the Rewards tab (The Beast section) for more details.

Typical weekly payout example:

PlaceCashTournament Entry
1st - 5th$2,500Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
6th$1,104Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
7th - 15th$1,000Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
16th$333Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
17th - 40th$250Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
41st$152Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
42nd - 140th$100Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
141st$83Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday
142nd - 237th$0Entry to 15 Seats to Million Dollar Sunday

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each Beast competition runs from Saturday at 00:00 ET to Friday at 23:59 ET.
  2. Leaderboard players automatically compete for BOTH the cash prize and tournament prize.
  3. The Beast is a free promotion for the player as the fee is taken from the rake.
  4. Cash prizes will be sent to the player’s account by 4pm ET every Monday.
  5. The weekly Beast tournament for competition winners will run on the Sunday after the cash payout.
  6. It is up to each player to ensure they are available to play in the assigned tournament won. Players who don’t play will become “no shows” and forfeit their prize.
  7. 25% of the total jackpot will be reserved to reseed the next competition’s jackpot.
  8. All tournament entries won through The Beast competition are non-transferable and have no cash value.
  9. All Beast Points will be updated in real time.
  10. Tournaments or Sit & Go’s are not eligible for The Beast promotion.
  11. Cheating or team-play is strictly prohibited at ACR Poker.
  12. Any participant that is suspected of cheating/team-play will be required to prove themselves as a single player. Suspected players must carry the burden of proof to prove that they won the Beast in a legitimate manner. Players must participate in a Beast Live (either live or private, but viewable by the House) in the month following their win AND must be able to replicate the same conditions, on their own, in which they achieved their status in the previous month. Players will not be eligible to receive their payouts until they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they did not cheat.
  13. If an investigation concludes that a player has been cheating or involved in team-play, the player will be dealt with in the strictest manner possible, including forfeiture of their Beast Winnings and compensation to other players within the Beast.
  14. If you suspect a player of team play, collusion or any other type of cheating, please contact us immediately.
  15. ACR Poker reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of this promotion at any time with or without notice. All management decisions are final.

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