Sit And Crush Is Taking Over

Crush the competition with our Sit & Crush promotion!

This is a weekly rake race for Sit & Go’s, Jackpot Poker, and On Demand tournaments that runs from Saturday until Friday.

Play in any of those three games and automatically compete in Sit & Crush. The best part is the promotion is paid out of our pocket as the reward comes directly from the house tourney fees.

There has been a huge amount of cash and tournament entries paid out lifetime in Sit & Crush.

So, compete every week and get your share!

Don't Let Cash Game Players Have All The Fun!

Sit & Crush has a brand new structure that makes it easier for you to get paid.

Welcome to the world of Sit & Crush, where we take the thrill of tournament play to another level and bring the joy of cash game rake races to tournament play. Gone are the days when cash game players had all the fun. Now, Sit & Crush offers an innovative new structure that makes it easier than ever for you to get paid, simply by playing your favorite Sit & Go, Jackpot Poker, or On Demand tournaments.

Want to know how it works? Let’s take a look!

How To Participate In Sit & Crush

  1. Register for any of our “Sit & Go”, “Jackpot Poker Games” or “On Demand” tournaments.
  2. Earn points just by playing the three types of games listed above. Remember, it makes no difference if you win or lose the tournament, you’ll still earn points and automatically be ranked on our leaderboard.
  3. You can check your progress at any time by clicking on the “Sit & Crush” logo in your client lobby and seeing your rank on the leaderboard. From there you can also check out your points and other important information.
  4. Sit back and watch the cold, hard cash and tournament entries roll in.

Remember, the more you play, the more points you earn, and the higher you’ll rank on the Sit & Crush leaderboard. At the end of each week, the highest-ranking players will win hundreds of dollars AND tournament entries, paid out based on their overall finish.

The best part of Sit and Crush is that the leaderboards are available at no additional cost to you. You will only pay your normal table fees!

Weekly competitions run from 12:00am ET on Saturday until the following Friday at 11:59pm ET, with prizes being paid out by end-of-day Saturday. Some players will also be awarded a $90+5 value ticket following the cash prize payout to be used on a 6:00pm ET tourney on Sundays.

How It Works

Let’s use Sit & Go tournaments as an example. In a 9-handed $100+10 Sit & Go ($10 being the fee), we will take $2.50 out of the normal tournament fee and put it into the Sit & Crush jackpot. In this 9-handed Sit & Go example, $22.50 will go towards the race ($2.5 x 9 = $22.5), 75% is then contributed towards the Cash Race, and 25% is contributed to the Tournament Race. In the previous example, $16.875 would go to the Cash Race and $5.625 to the tournament race.

In Jackpot Poker Games, if a player participates in a $40 Jackpot Poker game, the fee would be $2.40 and of that $0.60 would be added to the Sit & Crush rake race. In that scenario, each player would get 3 points towards the Sit & Crush leaderboard.

Every time you buy in and play a Sit & Go, On Demand tournament, or Jackpot Poker Game, you’ll automatically receive points towards the Sit & Crush leaderboard. No matter the game or stake, players will always receive 5 points towards the leaderboard per $1 in the jackpot. This means that you don’t need to be a high stakes legend to participate and earn some rewards, just load up your favorite tables and compete for your chance to win.

Get Double The Points Via On Demand Tournaments

If you haven’t heard, ACR Poker recently added On Demand Tournaments. Like Sit & Gos, these tournaments start when the required number of players register. However, unlike in their predecessors, players can continue joining On Demands tournaments during a period of late registration, juicing the prize-pools and giving you more chances to hit a big score. And as if this wasn’t exciting enough, players will now also earn twice the number of Sit & Crush points while playing On Demand tournaments. With ACR Poker there really is no limit to how big the jackpots can grow!

How do Payouts Work?

Join our Sit & Go, On Demand events, and JackpotPoker Games and get a chance to compete on the leaderboard for cash prizes and tournament seats. The best part? It won’t cost you anything extra! At ACR Poker, we directly fund the jackpot from our house tournament fees.

As more players join in, the prize pool grows, and we’re able to reward more players with increased cash and tournament prizes at the end of each week. Every points race starts on Saturday at 12:00am and ends on Friday at 11:59pm ET. On Monday of each week, we give away huge cash and tournament prizes to hundreds of lucky winners.

The cash payout structure depends on the size of the prize pool, with the number of paid places increasing as the prize pool grows. There are four payout tiers available in Sit & Crush:

Tier 1: $500
Tier 2: $250
Tier 3: $125
Tier 4: $50

For every $3,500 added to the Sit & Crush cash prize pool, we add:

One Tier 1 prize
Two Tier 2 prizes
Five Tier 3 prizes
Twenty Tier 4 prizes

We reseed the next race with $875 and any residual funds between multiples of $3,500 are applied to maintain the respective cap amounts for Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4.

Aside from winning cash prizes, you’ll also get one entry in a tournament based on your leaderboard ranking and the amount in the prize pool during the qualifying period. If you win a tournament seat, you’ll be automatically registered for it. To learn more, visit the Rewards tab.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Sit & Crush competition’s qualifying period begins at 12:00am ET on Saturday and ends at 11:59am ET on the following Friday. If the event concludes after the weekly leaderboard closes, the points earned will be added to the following week’s competition.
  2. Competitors on the Sit & Crush leaderboard are automatically entered in the running for both the cash and tournament prizes.
  3. To be eligible for the Sit & Crush promotion, only Sit & Go’s, On Demand tournaments, and JackpotPoker Games with a real money fee qualify.
  4. Please note that Heads up Sit & Go’s are not eligible for this promotion.
  5. In order to receive Sit & Crush points, players must participate in and complete the tournament. Points will not be awarded if the player unregisters.
  6. The jackpot is funded by the house tournament fees, and no extra contributions are taken from players.
  7. Cash prizes are awarded on the Saturday following the close of each weekly competition, and funds will be deposited into winners’ accounts by 4pm ET.
  8. The tournament for the weekly Sit & Crush competition winners will be held on the second Sunday following the cash payout, and players are responsible for participating in the assigned online tournament they won through Sit & Crush competition.
  9. Players who fail to participate in the tournament will be deemed “no-shows” and will forfeit their tournament entry prize.
  10. 25% of the overall jackpot will be used to reseed the next Sit & Crush competition’s jackpot.
  11. Tournament entries won through Sit & Crush cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, or hold any cash value.
  12. Sit & Crush Points are updated in real-time for all players.
  13. Multi-table tournaments or Ring Games do not earn any Sit & Crush points.
  14. Cheating and team-play are strictly prohibited.
  15. If a player is caught cheating or participating in team-play, they will face strict consequences, including forfeiting their Sit & Crush winnings and compensating other players in the Sit & Crush competition.
  16. If you suspect a player or team-play, collusion, or any other form of cheating, please notify us immediately.
  17. ACR Poker reserves the right to modify the general rules and terms of this promotion at any time, with or without prior notice.
  18. The general rules and terms apply to this promotion.
  19. All management decisions are final and binding.

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