No Rathole Tables

Experience our continued dedication to fair and secure gameplay with our 7-Day No Rathole Tables!

These select tables provide protection against ratholing. This is when a player wins a big pot, leaves the table with their profits, and returns with a smaller stack, effectively removing chips from the game.

That same player can’t return to a 7-Day No Rathole Table of the same stakes for seven days, unless they’re willing to put all their winnings back on the table.

We offer 7-Day No Rathole Tables for stakes ranging from $0.10/$0.25 to $50/$100.

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7-Day No Rathole

Here at ACR Poker, we always listen to what our players are asking for. One of the features that have consistently come up is tables with “rathole” protection. For those unfamiliar with the term, ratholing is when a player wins a big pot, leaves the table to “book their profits,” and returns with a smaller stack, effectively removing chips (and your ability to win them) from the game.

To combat this problem, we have introduced an exciting new feature called the 7-Day No Rathole Table.

7-Day No Rathole Tables

How does it work? Well, now you can buy into selected tables with as little as 10 big blinds. Once you have done so, play as you normally would but keep in mind that anything you do win will be “locked” into your stack for 7 days if you choose to leave and then return to the table.

Here’s an example:
You buy in with $100, and you win $100 on top. You decide to leave the table with your $200, making that amount “locked” (as it relates to playing on that table) for 7 days. The next time you decide to play, you will be prompted to buy in with the same $200 that you previously had.

When 7 days from the time you win your money has passed, the amount will reset, and you can rejoin the table with as little as 10 big blinds again.

ACR Poker now has 7-day no rathole tables available for the following stakes: $0.10/$0.25, $1/$2, $5/$10, $50/$100.

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