Next Moneymaker

ACR Pro, Chris Moneymaker wants to send you to Las Vegas to play in the world’s biggest live poker tournament. And you could become a champion just like him!

The Next Moneymaker 2.0 starts with a weekly leaderboard competition. In total, the promotion guarantees $1 Million, with half going to the weekly winners and the other half to the Final Tournament for qualifying players.

The top winner will receive $100,000, plus an all-expense $15,000 package to Sin City.

So become the Next Moneymaker and change your life forever! Check out the promotion page for full details.

$1 Million GTD Promotion

In 2003, Chris Moneymaker turned a satellite tournament into a world championship in Las Vegas, starting an online poker revolution in the process. In 2021, Chris became an ACR Pro.

Now it’s your turn!

ACR Poker wants to send you to Las Vegas this summer to be the Next Moneymaker!

How It Works

Every Saturday ACR Poker will host an $86 buy-in event at 1:30pm ET called ‘Leaderboard Tournaments’. The prize pool money generated from these tournaments will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% of the prize pool from each Leaderboard Tournament will be paid out to the top 12% of participating players.
  • 50% of the prize pool generated from all Leaderboard Tournaments will go towards the prize pool in the Final Tournament.
Next Moneymaker

Prize Info

  • During each weekly Leaderboard Tournament, you compete for half of the prize pool.
  • Compete in the Final Tournament for at least $500,000, with 1st place taking home at least $100,000.
  • The Final Tournament winner will receive $15,000 towards an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, on the house! (this is separate from the prize pool).

Qualifying For The Final Tournament

  • Earning points in Leaderboard Tournaments will qualify you for the Final Tournament.
  • Points from Leaderboard Tournaments are cumulative. You will earn points for your participation and success in Leaderboard Tournaments.
  • Once Leaderboard Tournaments have concluded, the points that you earned are converted to chips for the Final Tournament. 1 point = 1 chip.
  • The more points you win during the Leaderboard Tournaments, the more chips you start with in the Final Tournament.

Earning Leaderboard Points

  • You earn 2,000 points each time you play a Leaderboard Tournament. Re-entry into a tournament will not earn you extra points.
  • You earn 10,000 bonus points if you play all of the Leaderboard Tournaments.
  • The Top 24 Players in each weekly tournament receive points based on their overall finish as follows:
1st 15,000 points
2nd 10,000 points
3rd 7,500 points
4th 6,000 points
5th 4,500 points
6th 3,500 points
7th 2,500 points
8th 2,000 points
9th - 16th 1,500 points
17th - 24th 1,000 points

$1,000,000 Prize Pool Distribution Info

The total prize pool of the Final Tournament depends on the total number of entries during the Leaderboard Tournaments. However, the Final Tournament prize pool is guaranteed for $1 Million.

Let’s say that a Leaderboard Tournament generates a prize pool of $50,000. This means that $25,000 is paid out to the players in each tournament and $25,000 is sent to the Final Tournament prize pool.

13 Leaderboard Tournaments x $50,000 = $650,000. Half won by players and half towards the Final Tournament prize pool. To guarantee the $1 Million prize pool, ACR Poker will add the remaining $350,000.

However, let’s say the Leaderboard Tournaments generate a prize pool of $100,000…

13 Leaderboard Tournaments x $100,000 = $1.3 Million. The amount won by the players is now $650,000. The other $650,000 goes towards the Final Tournament prize pool.

Final Tournament Rewards

The winner of the Final Tournament will be awarded $100,000 from the prize pool, while the top 12% of participants divide the remaining pool. This means that the 1st place finisher will not only earn their standard tournament percentage payout, but also an extra $100,000, as well as a $15,000 package for their trip to Las Vegas. We’ll have to wait and see who the winner is, but one thing’s for certain: someone is about to have a real good day!

Additional Tips

  • Play = Points! Even if you don’t place in a Leaderboard Tournament, you can start the Final Tournament with 36,000 chips by playing weekly.
  • Play at least once! Playing one tournament will earn you 2,000 points, regardless of where you place.
  • Get in for the price of a coffee! ACR Poker offers satellite tournaments for the Next Moneymaker promotion. That means you can qualify for as little as $4.40!
  • Don’t forget to track your results! We’ll help you keep score by updating the Leaderboard tab on this page!

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