Monthly Mystery Bounty

Dive into the excitement with our Monthly Mystery Bounty Tournaments! We’ve transformed The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime into thrilling Mystery Bounty formats. Prepare for daily Day 1 flights every two hours, leading up to the climactic Day 2 on the last Sunday of each month. It’s not just about building your chip stack; every knockout brings the chance of winning a massive surprise bounty. Whether you’re running deep or claiming bounties, the opportunity to win big awaits. Join us and elevate your game in our most popular tournaments yet!

Monthly Mystery Bounty Tournaments

Our new Mystery Bounty format has proven more popular with our players than even we imagined. So, we’ve changed two of your favorite multi-day events into monthly Mystery Bounty tournaments!

The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime are now Mystery Bounty tournaments. There are daily Day 1 flights every two hours and Day 2 is on the last Sunday of the month.  

In Mystery Bounty tourneys, you use your Day 1 flights to accumulate your chip stack. Then on Day 2, you can win big either by running deep or by collecting a huge surprise bounty every time you knock out a player!

For more information on Mystery Bounty tourneys, click here.

Tournament Details

NameGuaranteeBuy-inTop Mystery Bounty
The Sunday Squeeze$200,000 $16.50$20,000
The Dime$75,000 $2.50$7,500

Schedule (Multi-flight)

Day 1 Flights on Monday through Sunday
12:05 am ET12:05pm ET
2:05am ET2:05pm ET
4:05am ET4:05pm ET
6:05am ET6:05pm ET
8:05am ET8:05pm ET
10:05am ET10:05pm ET
Day 2 on last Sunday of the month
2:05pm ET
** last flight this day is at 8:05am ET.

Secure Banking

Safer Gambling

Our Responsible Gambling program makes sure every player is of legal age and also gives you the option to self-exclude for a time period from our tables, sportsbook or casino.

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