Jackpot Poker

Experience the unrivaled thrill of winning up to $1 Million in our Jackpot Poker games!

In these fast-paced Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tourneys, a randomized draw determines the prize pool jackpot before it starts, which is visible to all players.

Jackpot Poker games are 3-max player and available for $5, $15 and $50. You start with a stack of 500 chips and there are 3-minute levels.

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Million Dollar Jackpot Poker Is Back

Win up to $1,000,000 with Jackpot Poker! These new and fast-paced Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournaments have a randomly drawn tournament prize pool! Jackpot Poker games are 3-max player and available for $5, $15, $50! These quick tourneys have 3-minute levels and you start with a stack of 500 chips.

How It Works

Once you choose a buy-in amount and how many simultaneous tournaments you want to play, you’ll be seated with two other players. A randomized draw will then take place to determine your prize pool jackpot. This prize pool will then be visible to all players and the battle will begin when hands are dealt.

The Maximizer

The Maximizer is a new table searching feature that automatically adds you to waiting lists for new tables and goes so far as to open the tables for you automatically!

To utilize this incredible tool, simply click on the “Maximizer” tab in the Jackpots lobby and select your maximum buy-in and the maximum number of tables that you want to play. You can also mark the check-box for your favorite buy-in and the Maximizer will always reserve one table at your preferred stake. Slide the red button to the “on” position and the Maximizer will be set to go. As new games and tables become available, the Maximizer will already be searching for them based on your selections.

How Jackpot Poker Prize Pools Work

Keep in mind, Jackpot Poker is a ‘winner-takes-all’ tournament. However, if one of the three highest prize tiers hits, there will be a default distribution and players can also elect to make a deal.

See below for Jackpot Poker prizes and frequency:

$5 Buy-in $15 Buy-in $50 Buy-in
1 / 10000000$1,000,0001 / 5000000$1,000,0001 / 5000000$1,000,000
200 / 10000000$5,000200 / 5000000$15,000200 / 5000000$50,000
500 / 10000000$500500 / 5000000$1,500500 / 5000000$5,000
10000 / 10000000$1255000 / 5000000$3755000 / 5000000$1,250
70000 / 10000000$5050000 / 5000000$15050000 / 5000000$500
818976 / 10000000$30384754 / 5000000$90389906 / 5000000$300
1842749 / 10000000$20865360 / 5000000$60878389 / 5000000$200
7257574 / 10000000$103694185 / 5000000$303676004 / 5000000$100

Disconnections and Sitting Out Policy

  1. By engaging in Jackpot Poker, players acknowledge the potential risks associated with internet connectivity issues.
  2. If a player exits a Jackpot Poker game before they’ve been eliminated, a button reading “Take My Seat(s)” appears in the Jackpot Poker lobby, allowing the player to rejoin the Jackpot Poker game so long as it is still running.
  3. If all players disconnect at the same time, the Jackpot Poker game will be paused. The game will restart as soon as ACR Poker ensures all connections are restored.
  4. If a Jackpot Poker game gets cancelled during play, the following measures will be taken:

    • If the prize pool is less than 3 times the buy-in, each player’s buy-in is refunded.
    • If the prize pool is 3 times or greater the buy-in and there is no deal, the prize pool is distributed by chip count.
    • If players made a deal in the JP game, the prize pool in play is only 10% of the total prize pool. Each player receives the 30% deal amount, and the remaining 10% is distributed by chip count.

Secure Banking

Safer Gambling

Our Responsible Gambling program makes sure every player is of legal age and also gives you the option to self-exclude for a time period from our tables, sportsbook or casino.

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