High Five Leaderboard

Get ready to smoke the competition in our High Five Leaderboard Competition. Just play in individual High Five events and you’ll earn points based on your overall finish.

The competition is two separate leaderboards based on High and Low buy-ins, so everyone can compete regardless of their budget.

The Leaderboard Competition is awarding 20 seats to the $12.5 Million Venom tournament. That’s a total value of $53,000, paid directly by us.

This is your perfect chance to roll in the green. See the promo page for full details on the High Five Leaderboard Competition!

High Five Leaderboard Competition

$53,000 worth of Venom seats awarded!!

March 10th to 31st

Check out the leaderboard standings in real-time here

We just finished our Leaderboard Competition during the OSS, awarding over $30,000 in cash and tourney tickets, including three seats to the $12.5 Million Venom. Now, we’re running a new one during the High Five Tournament Series, which is again paid directly by us.   

The High Five Leaderboard Competition is offering even more ‘green’, awarding 20 seats ($53,000 value) to the record-breaking Venom this April. All you need to do is play in individual High Five Series events from March 10th to 31st and you’ll earn points based on your overall finish.

There are two leaderboards, each with 5 events per day. Event names show an (H) for high buy-in leaderboard events and an (L) for low buy-in leaderboard events. So, you can get that Venom seat no matter what your budget looks like.

Start playing those High Five events and we’ll see you at the $12.5 Million Venom in April!

High Five Leaderboard Distribution

Leaderboard No. 1

High Leaderboard

Leaderboard No. 2

Low Leaderboard

Terms and Conditions:

1) Points are awarded according to the following formula: Square Root (prize pool) / Square Root (finishing place).

2) Points are awarded to in-the-money players only.

3) Only series events award points.

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