Blitz Satellites

Win a seat to one of our humungous Venom tourneys with our Venom Blitz Satellites!

Start at any of the six levels, with buy-ins starting at just 11 cents. Conquer all levels to earn a $2,650 Venom seat or cash out earlier for a smaller ticket. Either way, this is a great opportunity to blitz the competition!

There’s also a “For The Win” button to buy your way to the next level.

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Blitz Satellites Are Here

The grind can be a grind. However, thanks to ACR Poker’s Blitz Satellites, the long days of grinding satellites are over. These revolutionary satellites are the fastest way to win seats to your favorite events!

How It Works

Blitz Poker Satellites help you advance through 6 Buy-In Levels to win tournament entries. These satellites are no different than our regular satellites, except you don’t need to make the final table or win to get a ticket to the next level.

You start by buying in at any level between 1 and 6 with a stack of roughly 10 big blinds. To advance to the next level you need to earn 5,000 chips. It doesn’t matter how anyone else is doing or how long it’s been, so long as you acquire the necessary chips, you move on!

That’s right, as soon as you finish a Blitz Satellite level with more than 5,000 chips, you move to the next level and get seated again at the same level you just bought into with those excess chips and a chance to win yet another ticket. That means you can win more than once with a single buy-in!

For the Win

When you play a Blitz Satellite and you’ve almost reached the 5,000-chip threshold to level up, you have the option to lock in your win by hitting the ‘For the Win’ button on the bottom left of your screen. It will assign a value to your chip stack and you pay the difference to reach the next level. No more risking the entire win trying to get the last couple of chips, just pay the difference and move on!

3-Max Venom Fever Blitz Satellites

All throughout Venom Fever, ACR Poker is offering 3-Max Blitz Satellites. A wide variety of Satellite or MEGA Satellite tickets will be available for as little as $0.11! Best of all, these quick satellites are available all day, every day!

Venom Blitz Buy-In Levels

There are 6 buy-in levels to win. You can buy in directly at any level.


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