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Rowdy poker player tossed from WSOP event

Rowdy poker player tossed from WSOP event

A female player went tilt in the worst way after not being able to control her emotions

An enraged player had to be removed from a World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament on Sunday night after causing a scene at the poker table at the Horseshoe Las Vegas. The woman had to be escorted from the facility by security after an outburst in which she screamed she’d “done nothing wrong.”

Poker pro Allen Kessler shared a video on X shot by Jacki Burkhart. The video shows the end of the incident, during which the woman argued with Horseshoe staff before being removed from the room to loud applause from players at the tables.

The cause of the incident is still sketchy. A player at the same table shared a clip of the escapade on YouTube titled: “Woman thrown out of poker tournament after refusing a penalty.” The woman was shown arguing loudly with staff members and disturbing play at nearby tables.

At one point, the woman attempted to sit back down and continue playing as security ordered her to leave the room. She later complained that she was being harassed by others at the table, saying, “I’ve got nine people berating me. I’m not allowed to stick up for myself?” She then told security that she would “sue this place” for “discrimination” before finally being shown the exit.

Several X users claimed to have knowledge of what caused the incident. One user posted that the woman refused to accept a penalty for swearing, which led to the outburst. Another post said she accused everyone at the table, including the dealer, of “colluding against her.”

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