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Hustler Casino Live player shows why you have to pay attention at the table

Hustler Casino Live player shows why you have to pay attention at the table

The player folded the best hand and lost a monster pot

A player made an expensive mistake during Thursday night’s Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Game. The avoidable mishap was suffered by a player known as “Thomas,” who has never been featured on the HCL broadcast. The player sat down during the third session only to fold a winning hand worth over $500,000.

Many of the viewers watching the third day of the Million Dollar Game commented about Thomas’ unpredictable style of play in the first hour, including the hand in question, which left everyone baffled, including announcer David Tuchman.

Michael “Texas Mike” Moncek raised to $4,000 holding queen-nine of hearts, and Tom Dwan called from the cutoff with pocket fives.

Thomas then called with eight-seven offsuit on the button ahead of Steve’s three-bet to $22,000, holding pocket kings in the small blind. Alan Keating also paid to see the flop from the big blind holding ace-three of hearts.

The flop came four-nine-ten with two clubs, and action folded around to Moncek, who bet $56,000. Dwan folded, Thomas and Steve called, and Keating chose to muck his hand.

After the two of spades on the turn, Steve bet $1,000, with both players calling before the jack of spades appeared on the river, completing Thomas’ straight.

Thomas then bet $130,000, and Steve called with his overpair before Moncek folded.

However, just before scooping the chips, Thomas placed his cards face down before the dealer, and Steve showed his pocket kings to take the $543,000 pot.

Hustler Casino Live producer Ryan Feldman was asked about the accuracy of the graphics showing Thomas’ hand, which he assured was correct. While he said a mistake is possible, it’s more likely that Thomas misread the board or his hand before mucking his cards.

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