Embattled cryptocurrency exchange FTX suffers further embarrassment through data breach

A breach of FTX’s bankruptcy agent’s platform has released sensitive user data Contrary to earlier reports, FTX bankruptcy claims agent Kroll appears to have had a data breach, resulting in sensitive data being leaked. It’s just the latest in a long line of embarrassments for the failed cryptocurrency exchange. Kroll Q&A allegedly published a summary

How the Poisson Distribution Strategy could help you in sports betting

Relying on stats to make sports betting decisions is helpful but not the only answer The Poisson Distribution Strategy is a statistical approach that can assist in making informed decisions in sports betting, particularly when predicting the number of goals or points scored in events like soccer, basketball, or other sports where scoring is involved.

Understanding the difference between volatility and RTP in online slots

Volatility and RTP are two different attributes that can alter your gameplay Understanding the distinction between volatility and Return to Player (RTP) is crucial for anyone engaging with online slots. These terms are fundamental in assessing the behavior and potential outcomes of a slot game, enabling players to make informed decisions about their gameplay. Volatility

Tom Orpaz takes second high roller title at the European Poker Tour

The Israeli poker pro has had an incredible summer at the tables Israeli poker pro Tom Orpaz has dominated this year’s European Poker Tour Barcelona festival. He’s reached three high roller final tables in the past eight days, winning two titles and almost $915,000 in prizes. Orpaz’s latest win was outlasting 24 entrants in the

Multiway tactics to learn before sitting down at a poker table

Go into a multiway hand understanding how to manipulate other players Multiway scenarios in poker refer to situations where more than two players are involved in a hand. These situations introduce complexity due to the increased number of variables and potential interactions. Before sitting down at a poker table, understanding multiway tactics is crucial for

Estonia prepares for the first-ever WSOP Circuit in Northern Europe

Poker continues to find new regions for success across the globe The Estonian capital of Tallinn is preparing for the debut of the WSOP Circuit Tallinn festival at Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel from September 14-24. The first-ever WSOP Circuit event in Northern Europe will have a €1 million ($1,0858,870) guaranteed

SEC courtroom loss could lead to Bitcoin ETF

The securities watchdog’s Gary Gensler may be losing his fight against all things cryptocurrency A US federal judge recently ruled against the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision to reject an exchange-traded fund (ETF) from Grayscale Investments via its Bitcoin Trust. However, experts say the court ruling will not automatically pave the way for the

How to identify sharp money in NFL sports betting

Go where the smart money is to increase your sports betting bank Identifying sharp money in NFL sports betting involves recognizing where professional, well-informed bettors are placing their bets. These individuals, often referred to as “sharps,” possess deep knowledge and insights into the game, making their wagers more indicative of informed decisions rather than casual

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